Baskets & Hampers


Baskets are a staple in every home. They add a tidy look to kitchen shelves and counter by helping to organize items you need often but don’t want on display. They can be used to fill a wall of cubbies in a craft room to stow everything needed for various crafts. Baskets can be the perfect spot for games, DVDs and other entertainment needs in a living room or in an entrance way to keep pet leashes, shoes or hats and mittens.

At Design Therapy Inc we believe that baskets can be the answer to many storage solutions. But we also believe that baskets should add to the feel and decor of your home. That is why we pride ourselves on carrying a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit your personal needs and taste. Click Here to browse the large selection available. 

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Laundry Baskets & Hampers

Keep your laundry off the ground with our selection of hampers and laundry baskets. To view the selection available to you through our supplier click here.

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