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We spend an average of 8 hours a night in our beds. A good night sleep can affect our lives in many ways including our health and quality of life. At Design Therapy, our bedding professionals can help you find the right bedding for your needs, whether you are a hot sleeper, have allergies, or enjoy soft luxury when you crawl into bed, we can help match you to the perfect bedding combination to maximize your sleep. 

At Design Therapy we offer the largest selection of styles, colours and brands. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you find the perfect bedding to create the cozy bedroom you have dreamed of. All of our sheets and duvet covers are either 100% cotton or bamboo. Down Duvets, pillows and blankets are always in stock in Twin, Double Queen & King Sizes. We also offer Down Alternative duvets and pillows, wool duvets, Bamboo Duvets and Silk duvets for those with down allergies. To view some of the brands we carry CLICK HERE.


A good duvet is warm, breathable, cozy and luxurious. We offer many options such as Wool, bamboo, down, Silk and Down Alternative. We also have options for summer weight, winter weight and all season duvets. Whether you are buying bedding for a child’s room, a guest room or your own bedroom, we have many options to suit your needs. 

“The Burrito Method”

Putting your duvet inside it’s cover is not always a fun job. Have you tried the “Burrito Method” to put on your duvet cover? Click here for a demonstration

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Duvet Covers 

The right duvet cover sets the mood for the whole room. Your bedroom should be a quiet relaxing sanctuary. Whether you like soft colors, linen fabric or bold patterns, we have over 100 patterns and styles available. Twin, double, queen, king and oversize queen and king also available.  


Finding the right bed pillow can be a challenge. Whether or not you prefer a soft or firm pillow, a down or wool pillow can depend on your sleeping position. We have added some tips to help you choose on the following page: FINDING THE RIGHT PILLOW.


We pride ourselves on having an extensive collection of bed sheet options available. Choose from dozens of styles of luxury sets from our many quality brands of bedding. Both Cotton sheets as well as bamboo sheet sets are stocked in Twin, Double, Queen and King sizes in a variety of colours and price ranges. We also offer flannel sheet options. 
          Deep Pocket: Do you have a deep mattress and are having trouble finding sheets to fit? Cuddle Down is a Canadian company that offers all of their sheet options in a deep pocket fit up to 20″.
          Canadian Bedding Brands: Cuddle Down and Daniadown offer many bedding options made in Canada. To view more of our brands CLICK HERE.
          Cotton: Good quality cotton washes beautifully, is breathable, feels lovely and wears well. We offer the option to buy flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillow cases separately for your convenience. Confused about thread count? We have added some information here: Thread Count Myths
          Bamboo: A bamboo sheet is durable, yet soft, the perfect combination for a long-lasting, welcome addition to your bed linen collection. Bamboo sheets are known for being breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Are you a hot sleeper? Get night sweats? Ask us about which sheets we recommend for your best sleep. 
          Extra long sheets for hospital or adjustable beds: We are happy to offer extra long fitted sheets in a variety of colours made in Canada.

Quilt Sets

Quilts are a great alternative to duvets if you are a warm sleeper, need a little extra warmth in the winter, or just don’t like the hassle of having to put a duvet inside of a cover. We have many beautiful traditional and modern style cotton quilt sets in Twin, Queen and King sizes starting at just $119/set. 

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Mattress Protectors

Buying a mattress protector can help to lengthen the life of your mattress. Protecting your mattress will assist in the management of allergens, such as dust mites, as well as protecting the sleeper and the mattress from bed bugs, accidental spills and bodily fluid stains – all factors that can affect your treasured sleep. Mattress protectors are also necessary to preserve the warranty on your mattress.

Silk Pillow Cases: Sleeping on smooth surfaces like silk satin can prevent wrinkles and bed head. Silk pillow cases are the perfect option for this. The Canadian Cancer Society recommends satin pillowcases for people who have recently gone through cancer treatments or who are currently going through them because of its smooth, soft surface which allows delicate hair follicles to gently glide across the surface of the pillowcase.

Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets have skyrocketed in popularity over the last two years thanks to their benefits becoming more mainstream.

The interesting thing about weighted blankets is that they have been around and in use for years with the special needs community. This is a typical pattern for therapeutic products. They are used first for those who need them most, then they slowly become mainstream as people realize that they can benefit almost anyone.

The reason they have become mainstream is that people have started to realize that weighted blankets work for anxiety and typical sleep issues, and aren’t just for children, but work great for adults too.

Weighted blankets are known to be therapeutic for those suffering from:
‣ Anxiety
‣ Fatigue/Low Energy
‣ Fibromyalgia
‣ Insomnia/Poor Sleep
‣ Lack of Focus
‣ Menopausal Symptoms
‣ Racing Thoughts
‣ Restless Legs