Comox Valley Bridal Registry

Bridal Registry

Are you a getting married or know a bride & groom in the Comox Valley who is? Register your wedding at Design Therapy Inc with our unique bridal registry and we will give you an in-store credit valued at 10% of all purchases on your behalf. It’s like a wedding gift from us to you:)

Bridal Registry

Register your Comox Valley Wedding and earn up to $1000

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Come in and work with one of our staff members to create your custom Bridal Registry.

Step 2: Tell all of your friends and family that you have registered with us and let them know that we will make their shopping easy for them. For every $100 spent with your Bridal Registry including Gift Cards, we will give you a Design Therapy Gift Card worth $10.

Step 3: Come in and collect up to $1000 Design Therapy Gift Card to enjoy! The gift card does not expire and can be used on anything in the store from furniture, to bedding, towels, art etc. Spend it all at once or use it slowly the choice is yours.

For more details on our Bridal Registry email