Clocks, Mirrors & Art

At Design Therapy Inc we are fortunate enough to have over 30 years worth of suppliers. This means that we have the ability to have unique items such as clocks, mirrors and Art to help you create the home which best reflects your style & flare.

We are careful to only bring in 1 or 2 of the same item to ensure that your special purchase is truly special. Our customers are diligent to follow us via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest) as it allows them to shop from home and scoop up that special item that they just cannot live without as they know that most items cannot be brought in again.

We do however have a couple of companies that we can order from regularly. These items are also limited in quantities, but their websites allow you to shop from home and special order what you want. If you are searching for the perfect clock, mirror or piece of art to complete your home, we are happy to order it from any of the following companies:


Style in Form
~ Mercana
~ Moe’s Home Collection
~ LH Imports

~ Mercana
~ Style in Form
~ Moe’s Home Collection