Rattan Furniture

Ratana offers a beautiful selection of indoor rattan furniture. Rattan is a solid wood and a renewable resource. With over 100 fabric options for both living and dining rooms, we can help customize your furniture to fit your home decor needs.

Rattan (often referred to as wicker furniture) is one of the oldest materials used to make furniture. Rattan is a vine, found in Southeast Asia. Typically rattan can grow up to 500 feet in length with a diameter up to 2 inches. When harvested, the vine is cut at the base, so that the vine can continue to grow and be harvest again. The rattan is then sorted by length and diameter. Every bit of the vine is used.

Unlike bamboo, which is hollow, rattan is solid and thus can be joined together by screws and then bound by leather to strengthen the joints and to aesthetically camouflage it. To get the desired shape of the furniture, the rattan is soaked and steamed in water, so that the vine is flexible and can be moulded into the desired shape of the furniture. Once the frame of the furniture is finished, the frame is left to dry and this is how the furniture holds its shape. The strength is so dependable that in Malaysia they are still using suspension bridges of mostly Rattan.

The ability to mould the Rattan poles into the shape of both Traditional and Contemporary styles has given this furniture wide acceptance for homes, hotels and fine dining establishments. It has the ability to always appear fresh and attractive in any room.

The warm inviting atmosphere of a family room or sunroom is the ideal place for rattan furnishings, yet it has the ability to dress up any room in the home.

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What is rattan?

Rattan is a very strong solid cane that grows and is harvested at various lengths. It loves moisture as it is grown in very humid climates and does very well on the west coast of Canada. The cane is bent to various shapes by using steam that allows it to keep its strength. Rattan is often confused with ‘wicker’ and bamboo, both of which are different products that do not offer near the strength of rattan. Many of our customers that have purchased rattan frames have returned to us to purchase new cushions for their furniture sets as the frames are outlasting the foam! In our 32 years we have witnessed the longevity of rattan first hand.