Acacia Wood Patio Furniture

You like the idea of teak furniture, but it’s a little out of your budget. What’s a good option? Have you considered acacia wood outdoor furniture? Acacia is another popular variety of hardwood for outdoor furniture use. It’s strong and durable, but not as heavy or dense as teak. It’s also not as expensive, which is one of the most appealing factors to consumers with a budget. To view our collection of acacia wood furniture click here. 

So what is Acacia Wood anyways?

Acacia is a large group of trees and shrubs, with hundreds of different species, mostly native to Australia and Africa. The wood has long been used for home, furniture, and boat construction. In fact, the famous ark built by Noah in the biblical story was said to be made from acacia wood. On top of this, leaves, seeds, and resins form different acacia species have been used in traditional medicine since ancient times.
Acacia wood has a very attractive grain pattern that many people enjoy. You can find many hardwood floors and indoor furniture items are made from acacia wood because of this. The grain is sometimes described as a flame pattern.

Acacia trees do not grow incredibly large. They are more shrub-like and branch out widely. The usable timber from acacia, therefore, tends to be on the thinner side. In contrast, teak trees grow quite tall, straight, and upright. If they are given sufficient time to mature the timber produced can be quite thick.

Acacia Wood Furniture vs Teak


How does acacia wood differ from teak wood? First of all, there is the appearance. Teak wood naturally has a tight, straight grain and golden honey-like colour when new. Acacia, on the other hand, can develop more wavy or flame-like patterns in the grain. Acacia can be anything from a light brown to dark red in colour.


Teak is the denser wood. Acacia is a fairly heavy hardwood, but it does not come saturated with natural oil in the same way that teak does. You can tell the difference in person when touching the two woods. Teak wood will feel slightly oily to the touch, but acacia won’t.


Teak wood needs very little maintenance so long as you’re not overly concerned about the colour fading to silver. The protective natural oils give it a resistance to damage from water, rot, and insect invasions. No treatment is strictly needed for teak wood furniture used outdoors. Acacia wood, on the other hand, does not do as well if left untreated and exposed to the elements. Treatment with a teak oil is a good idea for acacia outdoor furniture to keep it looking good.


A huge advantage of acacia furniture is the lower cost. Often you can find acacia outdoor furniture for 3 times less than similar teak furniture would cost. The trade-off, of course, is the reduced longevity of the furniture. Regular cleaning and the application of protective coatings will help acacia furniture last longer when used outdoors. It will still never be quite as long-lasting as teak though.


To view our collection of Acacia Wood furniture click here.