Testimonial by Jillan Harris



Outdoor space is SOO important to me and with summer finally here, I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks on creating the ULTIMATE outdoor space!! I wait all year long to get out on that patio as it is one of my favourite spots to relax with a coffee, entertain friends or host a dinner party. It’s safe to say that I treat my outdoor space equally as I do my indoor space. So without further ado, let’s get started!!

Every patio space needs to start with a foundation and that foundation is your patio furniture. This is THE most crucial part of any patio and I would say the most difficult to choose. You have to think about what you are using your patio space for. Will you be dining or lounging? Maybe both? There are so many options out there and not every patio has room for what you would like, so definitely choose wisely or get creative!

Tip #1: Invest in good quality patio furniture

I was lucky enough to have been passed down a set of Ratana patio furniture when I bought my first condo. I absolutely LOVED it and when I bought my home in Kelowna I knew I had to have more Ratana furniture. I can’t express how impressed I am with their product!! I have had my Ratana patio furniture for 6 years now and even though they recommend covering the furniture or storing your cushions through the winter, I have NEVER ONCE taken it into storage or covered any of it up! I mean these things have been through years of extreme hot AND cold weather and they still look brand spankin’ new!! You can’t tell me your big box department store patio furniture can last through that! I know good patio furniture can get expensive but it is SO worth it when you can buy such a great quality set like Ratana‘s and not have to worry about replacing it next season. You may want to replace your cushions after a few seasons if they start to fade, or if you want to change colours (opt for off white, as they won’t fade like other bright colours) but that is a fraction of the cost of purchasing an entire new patio set.

PS. This is NOT a sponsored post…I really just want to let you know how absolutely AWESOME Ratana patio furniture is!!!

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