Patio Umbrellas & Bases

No patio is complete without an umbrella to give you shade on those hot sunny days. We are proud to carry Ratana 9FT Umbrellas. These wind resistant aluminum umbrellas provide the strength to endure our Vancouver Island west coast wind conditions. Featuring the high performance fabric of Sunbrella, this aluminum umbrella is ideal for the deck in your home or for any commercial applications such as restaurants, swimming pools or wherever you need shaded protection.

The Ratana Umbrella features collar tilt, single vent, crank lift and a variety of Sunbrella fabrics as seen below.  Bases are made of Granite with wheels and extendable handle and are sold separately. Further information can be found HERE.

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Our Granite Umbrella Bases are available in 49lbs and 89lbs. They feature a pullout handle and wheels for easy mobility.

Granite Umbrella Base available in 49lbs and 89lbs featuring pullout handle and wheels for easy mobility.