Reclaimed Wood Furniture

At Design Therapy we believe furniture should be well made AND reasonably priced. This line of furniture offers just that.  LH Imports is affordable and eco-friendly. Each of the LH Imports reclaimed wood collections is certified 100% recycled by the Forest Stewardship Council and are bench-built from recycled woods such as pine, fir and spruce and finished with up to 18 hand-finished colour applications.

The recycled wood comes from old timber formerly used as cable reels, bridge beams, torn down 
buildings throughout the Northern Hemisphere. All of the hardware and fittings are manufactured of recycled metal or brass. Our Reclaimed collections are built with old world detailing and top-quality construction techniques. Whether you are looking for bedroom, dining or living room furniture, this product line has something for everyone. 

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Did you know that we sell FSC certified wood furniture?

What does that mean?
In order to be given FSC certification a forest must be managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner. This is what makes the FSC system unique and ensures that a forest is well-managed from the protection of indigenous people’s rights to the methods of felling trees. Forests that meet these strict standards are given FSC certification and the timber allowed to carry the FSC label.

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