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Kerry & Amanda Illerbrun

‘Kastawayz Art’ was created in New Zealand in 1998 as a side venture to our full time employment.  We moved to Canada with our three sons in 2008 and now run the business from our residence in Courtenay, BC.

Living on Vancouver Island is a constant source of inspiration and beauty.  Creating animals and marine life common to the West Coast is predominantly what we focus on.  A unique part of our business is that we only use recycled product for our art, which we call “upcycling”.   We source our materials primarily from scrap yards, thrift stores and demolition yards.  The metals we work with are light steel, old roofing iron, copper and aluminum – a perfect example of something we use frequently would be an old oil drum.   Using our own hand drawn designs, each piece is individually cut with any lines in the shape done freehand during the cutting process.  We then hammer out the shapes to give them more than one dimension.  For 3 dimensional pieces and the cutlery items,  a welder is used to piece it all together.

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We are both involved with concepts and design, Kerry does all plasma cutting and welding/fabrication, our son Joshua (with Amanda) is involved in the fabrication process of hammering and shaping each individual piece.  Then Amanda completes any finishing required, which involves  sanding, buffing, painting and varnishing as well as quality control.

Generally these processes are applied to all the art and sculpture that we create although our larger outdoor sculptures are created piece by piece and usually not duplicated.

We strive to focus on keeping our ideas fresh and unique, ensuring quality and durability in our workmanship with a wide price range.

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Kerry & Amanda Illerbrun
Comox Valley, BC