Local Treasures

3At Design Therapy Inc we pride ourselves on supporting local small businesses. We love all the hidden talent one can find here in British Columbia and beyond. We carry many artists from  the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, BC and Canada. Below are a list of some of our favorites.  Click on the to learn more about theses Artists and their beautifully unique designs.

Kastawayz Art (Courtenay, BC)

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Richard Mravik- Artist (Courtenay, BC)

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Cumberland Crates (Cumberland, BC)


The Cumberland Crate company was established in the fall of 2013. Two old friends from Cumberland,BC decided to start filling the obvious need for a sustainable, functional and durable alternative to plastic crates.

Antique crates are expensive and fragile, and plastic is…well…plastic! Specializing in wine crates, but also catering to farmers, hipsters and moonshiners, Roderick Lane and Archie Pateman build their stackable crates with locally milled Douglas Fir and Lodgepole Pine. As their company is gaining momentum, the two share the vision of presenting a long lasting product with an affordable price line. Crates are natural wood or stained with our own earth-safe “antique” stain.

Tin Hat Designs (Victoria, BC)


Tin Hat Designs started as a way to bring happiness to families and friends. My family is my biggest supporters and encouraged me to sell to the public.. So with a leap of faith, I took that jump and have been enjoying it ever since. As this business started growing, I had the help of my children (much to their grumpiness – they don’t like sanding wood very much!! 🙂 ) This has very much become a family business, from cutting wood, to helping set up fairs everyone plays are part in helping me make this a success. I have even roped one of them into painting full time with me now… She loves it!! I am ever so grateful for the love and support of my family… Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do this business I love so much…

These plaques were all made with the intent to bring happiness and wonderful memories to customers that put them in their home. I love creating plaques for customers that speak directly to their hearts.. For this is exactly what I meant for these plaques

I use new and recycled wood… I mix it up and make it interesting for the eye to look at… I have a regular line of plaques for anyone to choose from… I love it when customers come to me to custom design one (or two, three, or more 🙂 ) for their homes… I love taking their thoughts and painting them on wood… A plaque that will remain in the family for many, many years to come.

If there is some phrase that has meaning to you or to your family let me know and we can chat to create something amazing for your home!!!

ReMARKable Honey & Candles (Comox Valley, BC)

1Beeswax candles are all natural, burn brighter, up to 5x longer, and without the carcinogen chemicals of paraffin wax. The flame from our cotton wicks emit a light spectrum similar to the sun while emitting negative ions that are known to clean the air. Have you ever opened your drapes for the sun, and see dust particulates floating…this is what’s so great about beeswax candles and negative ions, they clean the air.
ReMARKable Honey & Candles is a member of the Comox Valley Beekeeping Association and 1 of 16 Certified Producers of (BCHPA) British Columbia Honey Producers Association.

Kama Soap (Salt Spring Island, BC)


These handmade soaps are made in small batches on Salt Spring Island BC. A lathering bar that doesn’t melt into the soap dish, with added essential oils for different desires and health benefits. Some of the bars contain hempseed oil, which has been added for its essential fatty acids and skin conditioning qualities. Good for the planet and for the skin.

Cedar Mountain (Salt Spring Island, BC)


Cedar Mountain Lost & Found Art Blocks are locally made on Salt Spring Island! They are hand crafted using traditional plastering techniques applied in multiple layers over wood. Every art block is individually produced, enhancing its one of a kind uniqueness while creating an overall vintage appearance and are individually gift boxed.